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Small Business Link (SBL)

Small business links (SBL) helps small businesses receive bitcoins on their website or social media.
Its a simple link that is sent to a buyer which generates a bitcoin wallet, when payment is made the small business owner receives Naira in return.
SBL is easy to use, fast and secure. WATCH A VIDEO ON HOW TO USE SBL Or you can follow the instructions below on how to go about sbl.

1. Visit
2. If you do not have an account with us, Click here to signup
Follow the instructions below after signup

3. Click on Menu, login to your account.

4. After login,Click on Menu then click on Profile.

5. On profile, register your bvn and an account number (Anyone who pays you bitcoin, you will be credited to this account).

6. Click on Menu, click on Receive BTC

On receive BTC, you will find SMALL BUSINESS LINK. Copy the link and send it to anyone you wish to receive bitcoin from,
this link can be sent through any medium and you are able to receive money from anywhere around the world.
Once the buyer pays in Bitcoins, you automatically receive Naira in your registered bank account.

Receive BTC page.

How SBL looks like from the customer view